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Following the failure of this prophecy, which many attribute to Mrs. Houteff setting her own private date as to its fulfillment, control of the site ( Mount Carmel Center ) fell to Benjamin Roden , founder of the Branch Davidian Seventh-day Adventist Association (Branch Davidians). He promoted different doctrinal beliefs than Victor Houteff's original Davidian Seventh-day Adventist organization. On Roden's death, control fell to his wife, Lois Roden . Lois considered their son, George Roden , unfit to assume the position of prophet . Instead, she groomed Vernon Howell (later known as David Koresh ) as her chosen successor. In 1984, a meeting led to a division of the group, with Howell leading one faction (calling themselves the Davidian Branch Davidians) and George Roden leading the competing faction. After this split, George Roden ran Howell and his followers off Mount Carmel. Howell and his group relocated to Palestine, Texas . [12] [13]

Two of the ties were either level-pegging or had one goal in it since Thursday morning.  Each vote that came in seemed to swing it one way or another.  The final say came from strangeways , fresh from his personal triumph with his Talulah Gosh ICA (now there’s a team to watch in the 2020 edition of the tournament). He clinched it for one of the teams in the match-up of the heavyweights, relying as he says on a Video-Assisted Referee to make his mind up. However, his vote made it a tie in the Foil v Emiliana Torrini clash.  As a result, it has gone to extra-time and the possibility of penalties.  Here’s the other scores for you meantime…..

The Indelicates - AmericaThe Indelicates - AmericaThe Indelicates - AmericaThe Indelicates - America